Tot's Knitted Vest

 See Abbreviations and Terms, below.

* SIZES: Child's 3-4 [5-6]. Finished chest measurement: 24" [26"]. Length from back neck 13" [14"]. * YOU'LL NEED: Yarn: Lion Chenille (1.4-oz--40 gr, 87-yd skein worsted-weight acrylic), 2 skeins each Evergreen (G) and Royal Blue (B) (available in crafts and yarn shops or by mail from King Arthur Yarn Shop, 7618 18th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214, or phone 718-232-9001); knitting needles: size 9 (5.50 mm) or size that gives you correct gauge; 1 1/4" buttons; large tapestry needle. * GAUGE: In garter st, 8 sts = 2"; 14 rows (7 ridges) = 2". * STRIPE PATTERN: In garter stitch (k each row), work 32 [34] rows color G, 26 [28] rows B, 18 [20] rows G and 20 [22] rows B. * BACK: Starting at lower edge, with G cast on 48 [52] sts. Work in stripe pattern, above, and mark first row with a safety pin for right side of work. Continue until 6 rows of second G stripe are completed. Armholes: Continuing pattern, at each arm edge, bind off 3 [4] sts at beg of row once, then dec 1 st every other row 4 times (to dec: k 2nd and 3rd st from edge tog). Work even on 34 [36] sts until stripe pattern is completed. Shoulders: Continuing with B, bind off 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Bind off all sts. * LEFT FRONT: Cast on 27 [29] sts. Work in pattern as for back until first B stripe is completed; end at side edge. Shape neck: Row 1 (dec row): With G, work to 3 sts before front edge, k 2 tog, k 1. Work 3 rows even. Dec 1 st at neck edge every 4th row 9 [12] times more and at same time, when same length as back to underarm, at side edge shape armhole as for back. When neck shaping is completed, work in pattern on remaining 10 sts until piece is same length as back. Shoulder: Next row: Bind off 5 sts at arm edge. K 1 row. Bind off. * RIGHT FRONT: Work as for left front, reversing shaping and making buttonholes on Rows 13, 33 [35] and 53 [57] as follows: From front edge, k 1, bind off 3, k to end. On next row, cast on 3 sts over bound-off sts. FINISHING: (Note: For a boy's vest, flop pieces so that wrong side is right side and buttonholes are on left front.) Sew shoulder and side seams. Sew on buttons with chenille or thread. KNIT AND CROCHET ABBREVIATIONS AND TERMS Beg-beginning; CC-contrasting color; ch-chain; dc-double crochet; dec-decrease; hdc-half double crochet; inc-increase; k-knit; lp-loop; MC-main color; p-purl; psso-pass slipped stitch over; rnd-round; sc-single crochet; sk-skip; sl-slip; sl st-slip stitch; sp-space; st(s)-stitch(es); tog-together; tr-treble crochet; yo-yarn over hook or needle. Asterisk (*)-repeat instructions following asterisk as directed. Brackets []-changes for larger sizes. Parentheses()-follow enclosed instructions as directed; also used to enclose changes in stitch count. Stockinette stitch-k 1 row (right side of work), p 1 row, alternately. Garter stitch-k each row.

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