Stamp Picture

* YOU'LL NEED: 8" x 10" self-adhesive mounting board (or white cardboard
and glue stick); approximately 40 red and 60 green postage stamps; white
paper; 1" foam brush; white glue or glue stick; 8" x 10" frame.

1. Glue green stamps to board, working from edges in. You don't have
    to fill center. 
2. Trace larger heart. Enlarge pattern to 3" width on a photocopier or
    by hand. Trace heart on white paper. Apply glue to small areas at a time
    and cover heart with stamps, going outside the line. Let dry. 
3. Re-draw heart over stamps and cut out. 
4. Brush glue on back of heart and stick to the center of the sheet of green stamps.

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