Rose-stenciled Flowerpots

* YOU'LL NEED: Clay flowerpot; Apple Barrel Acrylic Gloss Enamel (by
Plaid) in Raspberry and British Green for rose, Lanier Blue and
Dandelion Yellow or Pink Blend for stripes; stencil paper or Stencil
Decor Blank; X-Acto knife; two 1" foam brushes; two 1/4" stencil
brushes; masking tape.

1. Paint outside of pot 2 coats yellow or pink. 
2. Mask edge of a 1" to 2"-wide stripe under the rim; paint blue. 
3. Trace on rose stencil. Enlarge, if necessary, on a photocopier up to 5" wide 
    for a large pot. Tape stencil material over pattern and cut out shapes, leaving 
    background intact. 
4. Tape stencil to front of pot. Blot color very dry on stencil brush and dab 
    through openings to paint red rose, green leaves. Remove stencil.

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