Photo Album and Box

* YOU'LL NEED: For album: Purchased ring-binder album with hard cover;
artificial sunflower, dusty miller and leaves; 1 1/2"-wide wired ribbon;
for box: shoebox; artificial black-eyed Susans, 24" strands of raffia;
for both: corrugated packing paper for outside and decorative paper for
lining (both available in art-supply stores); large Pritt glue stick;
glue gun; metal-edge ruler and tape measure; X-Acto knife; pad or
cardboard to cut on.

1. Measure inside of album covers; add 1" to outer edges and
    1/4" to slip under ring assembly. Draw measurements on decorative 
    paper and cut out. 
2. Cut patches to cover spaces at ends of ring assembly, adding 1" to their 
    length and 1/4" to width. 
3. Rub glue stick on back of patches and adhere. Rub glue stick evenly inside 
    covers; center and smooth papers in place, slipping one edge as far as possible 
    under ring assembly. Cut top and bottom corners diagonally. Fold and glue 
    front edges, then top and bottom edges to outside. 
4. Ties: Cut two 18" ribbons. On outside of both album covers, mark center of 
    front edge. With glue gun, attach the end of a ribbon smoothly at each mark. 
5. Measure height and total width of covers and spine with album closed. 
    Cut corrugated paper to exact height, but add 1/2" to width. Spread glue stick 
    on cover and adhere paper with album closed. Trim front edge with knife. 
6. Cut off sunflower stem and trim back as flat as possible. Hot-glue leaves and
    flower to album front.

1. Draw a line around box where the bottom of the lid falls. Remove lid. 
2. Trace box bottom on lining paper; cut paper 1" larger all around. Rub glue stick 
    on underside of box. Center and smooth on paper. Cut away 1/2" square from 
    excess paper at corners, then fold up and glue excess to outside of box. 
3. Cut lining to cover inside of one long side of box, plus outside from top down 
    to lid line, plus 1/2" all around. Apply glue to box, including 1/2" below lid line 
    and on adjacent sides and bottom. Center and adhere paper, clipping corners needed.
4. Cover inside of ends and bottom of box and outside to below lid line with one strip 
    of paper cut same width as sides and to fall below lid line as before. 
5. Cover inside of lid, wrapping excess to outside. 
6. Add corrugated paper: Cut one strip (or two) to fit around outside of lid, flush with 
    edges. Overlap ends and cut through both to butt ends neatly. Glue in place. 
7. Trace lid upside down to cut cover for top; glue. 
8. Redraw lid line on box. Cover outside below line, flush at edges. 
9. Glue flowers to lid. Glue bow of raffia over flowers.

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