Little Stenciled Bench

* YOU'LL NEED: Small unpainted wooden bench (available in crafts stores;
we used Walnut Hollow 8106, 24" x 10" x 8.5"); cream-color latex
eggshell paint (Benjamin Moore 207); paintbrush; soft green, tan, red
and blue acrylic paints; stencil paper; stencil brush; X-Acto knife;
sandpaper; masking tape; Butcher's Wax.

1. Assemble bench. Sand lightly. 
2. Paint with 2 coats of cream color.
3. Trace leaf and acorn patterns, (or trace natural materials), onto stencil paper. 
    Cut out shapes with the X-Acto knife, leaving background intact. 
4. Plan and mark placement of designs on the bench. Tape stencil in place 
    and dab on color, blotted well on dry stencil brush. To mingle colors, pick 
    up several on brush or apply one and let dry. Overpaint with second. 
5. When dry, wax and buff.

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