Make Forever Flowers

You can make these fabric charmers even before Mother Nature puts hers
out for spring. All you have to do is cut and glue.

* Scraps of cotton-print fabrics (an 1/8 yd for petals and 1/4 yd for leaves make 3)
* 1 1/8" flat button
* HeatnBond iron-on fabric adhesive
* two 9" 16-gauge wires and floral tape (or wooden skewer) for stem
* tie wire (32 gauge)
* Pritt glue stick (from a crafts or art-supply store), hot-glue gun
* tracing paper, pencil, ruler, scissors.

1. Trace the leaf and flower-back patterns on this page. 
2. Fuse two 2" x 10" pieces of green fabric back to back, following the
    HeatnBond instructions. 
3. Trace 2 leaves and 1 flower back on the fabric and cut them out.

1. Tear eight 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" fabric strips. 
2. Stack the strips right side up. Glue them together (one by one) along 
    one long edge, using the glue stick and a thin line of glue no more than 
    1/4" wide on each piece.
3. Make cuts 1/4" apart toward the glued edge. Cut through all 8 layers
    at once and stop about 1/8" before the glued section (diagram 1). 
4. Now cut the strip in half to have two 2 1/2"-long strips. 
5. Bend the glued edge of one strip to form a circle and hot-glue it, facedown, 
    to the back of the button (diagram 2). Glue the second strip over the first,
    and overlap it slightly to make sure there are no big gaps between the petals.

1. Wrap two wires together with floral tape (or nip off the end of the
    skewer with old scissors). 
2. Cut a 13" x 1 1/4" strip of green fabric. Fold strip right side out, lengthwise, 
    but unevenly, so that one side is 3/4" wide, the other 1/2". Press. 
3. With the wider side of the strip on the outside and the folded side up, 
    hot-glue one end to the top of the stem. Then wind the strip around the stem, 
    slightly diagonally, to cover it, overlapping the raw edge (diagram 3). 
    Stop after about 4" to tie on the leaves with wire. Continue wrapping and 
    glue end at bottom. 
4. Hot-glue the top of the stem to the back of flower. Then glue the flower
    back over the stem.

Forever Flowers Pattern

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