Elegant, easy-to-make pins for those festive holiday nights

Although she managed to keep it a secret for a while, WD's Assistant Art
Director, Michelle Braverman, happens to be a first-rate accessories
designer--and the proof is in her pins. You can make all of them with
ribbon and a handful of items from the crafts store.

BAR PINS. Fold under one end of 1/2 yard 5/8"- or 7/8"-wide grosgrain
ribbon to form a top loop. Fold remaining ribbon back and forth in
progressively wider loops underneath the top one. Pin and sew layers
together at the center.

CIRCLE PINS. Cut a 30" strip of 5/8"-wide grosgrain ribbon into four 7
1/2" lengths. Overlap the ends of each strip and pin them (on the back)
to make a loop about 3 1/4" long. Stack loops together to form a circle
and sew together at the center.

DECORATIONS. Sew a large button to the center of the pin, then tack a
tassel or a folded string of small beads to the back. Sew on buttons or
attach them with a glue gun. Or string a few shank buttons on florist's
wire, bend back the ends of the wire and attach. Finally, sew a
purchased pinback onto the back.

Be Dazzling Pins Display

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