Subj:  WOK's Cooking?
From:  Juls

	Fried Rice purchased from a Chinese take out looks dark yellow or like brown rice.
This is due to the coloring that is placed in the food. In good Chinese restaurants, fried
rice appear white even after frying.  The trick to getting good fried rice is to use COLD

	The rice cooked should also be a little dry.  (Don't add to much water when cooking
the rice.)  Cooking good Chinese food in a wok depends a lot on the kind of wok you

	Many woks have been westernized e.g. the electric woks. Your best bet is an iron or
stainless steel wok.  Never wash your wok with soap and always oil it before storing it
away.  I digress.............Try getting some Chinese sausage from an oriental store.  Get the
ones that are pre-packed and not hanging loose on the shelves.  You can add any frozen
vegetables you want e.g. green beans, mixed vegies. Never put Onions or any other type
of vegies that sweat when they cook.  Chop up the Chinese sausage to small bits and fry
them in the wok.  Add a minimal amount of oil.  Add your cold rice. (Any kind will do.
Remember, the secret is cold rice.)  You must keep stirring to avoid the rice sticking to
the wok and burning. Now add the frozen vegie. When everything is hot again, add one
egg per two servings.  That will give a slight yellow coloring to the rice. Once the egg is
cooked, you can serve.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Remember you must use CHINESE
sausage and COLD rice.   ENJOY.

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