Everyone's looking to cut fat, and WD readers have met the challenge with some
terrific ideas that can add up to big reductions.


* Include applesauce instead of margarine when making stuffing from a two-step
stuffing mix. --Carol Newman, Leawood, KS

* Make homemade muffins with equal amounts of applesauce instead of oil. (You can
also reduce cholesterol with two egg whites for each egg.) --S. Elissa Mullis, Dunwoody,


* Mix plain nonfat yogurt with Dijon mustard (instead of oil or mayonnaise) and coat
baked skinless chicken with it.

* Put it on fajitas instead of sour cream.

* Use it instead of mayonnaise for chicken salad. --Cathy Ferguson, Gloucester, Ontario

* Cut the fat in raisin-bran muffins by substituting plain nonfat yogurt for the oil.
--Marie Ludwick, Meredith,NH


* Instead of loading on butter or sour cream, top baked potatoes with plain nonfat

* When you make mashed potatoes, use plain nonfat yogurt, not butter and regular

* For busy days, mix 2 cups instant dried mashed-potato flakes with 1/3 cup dried
buttermilk powder (instead of plain milk) and 1/4 teaspoon salt, then add 2 3/4 cups
boiling water. This makes 4 cups of somewhat tangy mashed potatoes, to which you
don't need to add butter or margarine. --Alison P. Olen, Logan, UT

* Use instant nonfat powdered milk mixed with some of the potato water, in place of
regular milk. --Mabel Freitag, Leola, SD; Jenny Casteel, Callaway, FL


* "To eliminate adding any fat while baking fish, I slice an onion and line the pan with
the slices. I lay the fish on top, baste with lemon juice, then spice it up with dill, paprika
or any other good fish seasoning. The fish doesn't stick to the pan and gets wonderful
flavor from the onion." --Juanita Gniot, Oconomowoc, WI


* Instead of sauteing in butter or oil, use chicken broth, rice vinegar, Worcestershire
sauce, lime juice or red-wine vinegar. Each contributes its own unique flavor, but no fat!

(WD Tip: Use a nonstick pan.) --Cheryl Reiter, St. Ann, Jamaica

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