Links to Disability related sites.

Disability specific sites

Alliance for Technology Access
American Disabilities ACT Regulations (gopher)
Apple Computer's Disability Connection
Assistive Technology for the Disabled Computer User
Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Central Institute for the Deaf
Cochlear Fluids Laboratory
Deaf Alert Gopher
Deaf Demographics Fact Sheet
Deaf Education Gopher
Deafness Resources gopher
Deaf World Web
Disabilities Directory (gopher)
Disability Related Resources on the Internet
DO IT News Web Page
Entech FTP
Hearing Loss Resources from the SayWhat Club
HEAR NOW Homepage
Gallaudet University Gopher
Index of AT and Disability Internet Resources
Library of Congress
Medline Search
Mental Health
NAD (National Association of the Deaf
The DEAF-L Internet Resource List
Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Disabilities

Misc. related sites (Singapore)
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